Friday, 25 January 2019

January 2019 Photo Hunt

If it's not too late, Happy New Year to everyone.   Once more Hawthorn has set us a challenge; click here to see her photos as well as the other people joining in.

So away we go!

1           Metallic

I like chickens....  so here is one of my many and varied chickens!
I used to keep chickens but gave up when we moved here, back in March 2015.

2  + 5    Plate and Modern

Two photos for the price of one!

May I present Damien (on the left) and Hirst (on the right).
If you look carefully you can see that the PLATE glass in the patio doors are covered in
muddy spots; their attempt at MODERN art.....
They are two of the grown up ducklings from last year who still visit for wheat and
tap on the window if we are in the kitchen.  The other day I noticed them there
but I did not have the time to feed them.  Over an hour later when I got back they
were still there so their patience was rewarded!

Hirst (on the left) and Damien (on the right).

Click here to see Damien Hirst pictures if you are not familiar with his spots!

3           Made

Seville Orange Marmalade made by my own hands (and still wonky wrist).
I am the proud owner of 16 pots of gold, too precious to gift; it took
4 batches to make and most of a week to make....
But the smell that was pervading through our house, was wonderful.
Roll on next January as this is the only time Seville oranges are available.

4           Aged

Remember the pear (DECAY) from a previous photo hunt?  Click here to re-visit my post.
Well I just left it on its plate and it dried out or should I say AGED beautifully.
It was all dry and the skin was hard.  It finally made it to the compost bin!

6           Own Choice

Back in January 2018 it was suggested I disguise the rear panels of a 
corner TV unit that is located between 2 arm chairs in the middle
of out upstairs lounge.  You can see the ugliness in the top photo.
Just over a year later I had finished this project.
The middle photos are the 3 individual panels I made and
the bottom photo shows them in situ.
As you can see I like chickens!

The chicken in the middle panel did not have feet; it was suggested that she needed feet so
I gave her some twinkly toes!  Whilst difficult to do, the end result was worth the effort!

Thanks for taking the time to view my photos.  Now I'm off to enjoy your photos and say, yet again, why didn't I think of that!

Friday, 30 November 2018

November 2018 Photo Hunt

Once again it's time to show my photos but, better still, to see what you have all done.  Thanks to Hawthorn once again and please click here to see her photos (and everyone else's too!).

1  Post/mail box

At first you might think this is just a standard Royal Mail Post box but if you
look carefully is bears the cypher for Edward VIII.  He abdicated on
11 December 1936, less than a year after he became king.
Click here to read him.  Click here to read about these rare post boxes.

2   Decay

This year we had an excellent crop of pears from our single pear tree.  Sadly they did not keep very well so I was eating lots of pears before they rotted.  The pheasants, rabbits and other fauna that visit our garden enjoyed the pear feast!

Click here to see (I hope) a slideshow of the decay taken over days.  I've kept the slideshow frills-free!

Just in case it does not work for you, here are just 2 of the 15 pictures I took.

3   Secondhand

Let me introduce you to Lucy.  She was gifted to me by a friend who was downsizing!
Lucky me.  She has a view out of a window, looking at fields where there are sheep.
She seems happy in her new home.

4   Strand

I made this necklace from different STRANDS of yarn.
It is a Kumihimo braid, made on a disc rather than on my marudai stand.
Click here to see an earlier post about Kumihimo braids.

5   Fold

FOLDING thickish paper to make Christmas cards.  Not easy to do when my right
wrist, whilst free of its plaster cast, does not want to work like it used to!
So not a perfect example of paper folding but at least I managed it....

6   Own Choice

I 'don't do Christmas' ......  but I still like to see decorations, mostly in other people's houses!
I was at an Art Fair recently and saw this wreath hanging on the wall and
thought I could make that.   So I did, despite my wrist being awkward to use!!!!
I used my Kumihimo disc to make a simple braid and found bells in my stash.
My Beloved described it as AMAZING, since he was involved in
making a mandrel to help me obtain the same size cone each time.

Well that's it for this year.  I hope Hawthorn is able to provide words for January 2019.  I've really enjoyed taking part and looking at your photos.  Thanks Hawthorn for your time and patience!

I hope you all have the Christmas of your choice.

Friday, 26 October 2018

October 2018 Photo Hunt

Well, I'm still in plaster so am making an early start to this month's photo hunt!  I will not be beaten by a 'broken wing'...

Now I'm in pink plaster.  Well white plaster was a no-no and I did not fancy Royal Blue!
I was offered glitter but I politely declined!

The typing for each picture will be minimal apart from the last picture, as I'd prepared the text months ago (when I was able to type properly).  Now as I type, I have to backspace a lot!

1   Print

Learning to PRINT with my left hand .....

2   Leaves

My leaf pile (about 3 years' old) at the bottom of the garden.  No idea if I'll be able to add
more this year...

3   Spot

One of the different rabbits that visited our garden.  We called it Spot!
We've not seen it for ages.

4   Boundary

The boundary mark between our village and nearest town.

5   Flame

My worn-out little wellies (oh how I miss them) going up in flames!

6    Own choice

At the top is a picture of a postcard I bought in about 2000 ish or earlier.
There were no details about the quilt on the postcard but the postcard
came from a visit to the Bankfield Museum (Halifax).
Then in 2010 I decided  to make my version of it.  It is shown in 
the bottom of the above picture and I called it Twisted Star.

A few years ago I came across a book from a 
quilting exhibition (Quilt Art on Tour)
 and there was the quilt!  It was made by Deirdre Amsden 
and is about 1 m square.  It was one in a series she'd made 
in the mid 1990s.  Mine is about 1.82 m square.....  much bigger.
Click here to see another example in her series of Colourwash quilts.

In my quilt there are 11 blocks across and 11 down, ie 121 blocks in total.
Each block contains 4 different fabrics, colour graded and no fabric was repeated.
So that is a total of 484 different fabrics!

The black and white 'stars' form part of each block; each block was cut
(carefully) and then the appropriate white or black right-angled
fabric triangle sewn on.   Only then could all 121
blocks be sewn together and at last I could see if the 
black and white stars were there and in the right place.

It took 4 months to make and I had to be so organised to keep 
the blocks in the right place in the 11 x 11 grid; I even resorted to 
using Excel to help me plan it out.

I remember running out of dark fabrics and driving immediately 
to a local fabric shop to buy some more dark fabrics; sadly 
that lovely shop has closed.

So I hope you have enjoyed this weird assortment of pictures as I could not take photos of what I wanted to use (using my camera is not easy!!).

Thanks to Hawthorn once again and please click here to see her photos (and everyone else's too!).