Friday, 23 February 2018

February 2018 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Once again, despite a chaotic a busy life, I've managed to get myself ready for Hawthorn's Photo hunt.  What I can't explain is how the time has flown by since January's photos?

1   White

So many white objects I could have chosen (snow, frost etc etc) but I thought out of the box
and decided to use the white head of a coot.  I had to wait ages for it to swim close enough!

2  Metal/Metallic

This metal object (near to where I live) is undergoing renovation work.
It is for men only!  Yes it is a pissoir.  Click here to read more about them.
Rather than just take a photo I walked across the road (when there was a lull
in the traffic) and called out Hello!  A chap came out, paint brush in hand
and I asked if I could take a photo, explaining why.
He disappeared inside and I went back to the other side of the road and
took my photo!  I will have to return when the renovations are complete.
Years ago it used to look very smart but it then went into decline.

3   Camouflage

Now this was difficult....  but I think I've managed a include the following photo provided I interpret camouflage as DISGUISE and not as CONCEALMENT.  So what did I find?

At first glance I thought frog spawn but then it is barely mid-February, far too early I think.
On closer inspection it is lots of bubbles, stuck next to a piece of dried stem and stones.
The water was gently flowing down a footpath as we walked up to our local trig point.

4   Begins with J

A sheep considering JUMPING off this wall.
Thankfully she decided to turn round and
drop back into the field.

5   Bud

Top part of this collage shows buds of Rheum palmatum.
They generally appear at the end of February/early March.
Then all of a sudden it is at least 2 metres tall and of a
similar width.  I love it!
When we were about to move, Beloved muttered
about it not moving with us...  I managed to sneak
7 pieces into the garden...  I've no idea how
many will re-appear this year but I can still go
back to the old house and get more if I have to!

6   Own Choice

Back in August 2014 I decided to make a fabric picture to embellish the front of this notebook.
Somehow I never got on with it but back in October 2017 I suddenly felt I had to finish it.
I'd only just finished it when she said she was thinking of retiring....  
Gosh, I'd made it just in time as my original plan was for it to be a retirement planning
notebook for her but I thought I had a few more years.
I made the blue cord using Kumihimo technique.  Click here to read about this.
Finally I added a bead that a mutual friend had given me when she was
moving house and had to de-clutter

Did she like it?  Oh yes she did.  The picture is a loose representation of her garden.

Well, thanks for stopping and having a look.  Don't forget to look at Hawthorn's photos by clicking here.

Friday, 26 January 2018

January 2018 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Once again, despite a chaotic a busy life, I've managed to get myself ready for Hawthorn's Photo hunt.  So shall we see what I have come up with?

1   Yellow

I know a lot of people hate dandelions but I love them!  They make me smile
and some grass verges near us are bright yellow - wonderful.
Bees and insects love them so I think we ought to.

2  Starts with O...

What begins with O?  Owl of course, in fact Boris!
Any excuse to feature Boris.

3  Light

We set out walking locally and it was a dull and grey and overcast day.
But look at the patch of light that appeared!  Just for us.....

4  Found

I've made several blankets from Attic24 and have saved the unused yarn. 
Recently I came across this stash and decided to wind all the same colours together.
However I've started a new Attic24 blanket and it uses these colours.
So I put them to one side, in a safe place.  Two weeks later I wanted to find them.
I could not find them.  I looked and looked but my eyes did not alight upon them.
Then I FOUND them.  I was looking for a plastic bag, having forgotten 
I'd put them in this wicker basket.....
Normally it is Beloved who asks (generally daily) 'have you seen XXX?' - it
is rare for me to 'lose' anything......

5  Colourful

Well, with about 12 hours before this goes live I changed my mind about the photo for Colourful!!!  I'll save the other one for another time......

I hope you agree that the new quilt make the sofa look colourful.....
I only collected it on Wednesday from the lady doing the long arm quilting,
trimmed it down the same day and yesterday I managed to sew the binding on
which I have yet to hand sew on.  I'm really pleased with it and love
to see all my colourful fabrics.  I took the 2 arm chair quilts to her
on Wednesday and I might get them back within a fortnight....
If anyone has any spare hours they are not using, please send them to me, thanks!

6  Own Choice

I saw a small bag made from hexagons months ago; I took a few photos and
thought no more.  Later I decided to make a bigger version.  I had a bit of a
struggle with it as I'd not realised that had to be pentagons on row 3
so make the sides appear.  I had to make alternate hexagons into pentagons
so that the sides would appear; I did this by folding them.
The bag is about 44 cm wide and about 28 cm tall.
Photo 1 - the base
Photo 2 - side view 1
Photo 3 - side view 2
Photo 4 - side view 3
Photo 5 - side view 4
Photo 6 - yarn for latest Attic24 blanket ready to be used.

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Thursday, 30 November 2017

November 2017 Photo Hunt

Once again, despite a chaotic few weeks, I've managed to get myself ready for Hawthorn's Photo hunt.  At the beginning of November I had almost decided I'd not be able to join in but I found bits of time here and there; thank goodness for photos from my archives!

So off we go!

1   Blue

Years ago a good friend (who inspired me to quilt) gave me a mobile with 
several blue fish.  Here is one of them.  They still make me smile.

2   Me

Years ago (20 ish) I fell asleep on the sofa (my own quilt by the way!) and Mickey the cat
was also tired.  I'd no idea Beloved took this photo ....  ah, the darling man.

3   Starts with W ....

WOW, look at this crochet blanket!  Hawthorn sent me a link to the pattern and when I saw
it I said WOW.  So I made it!

4   Rainbow

During the evenings, when I am tired I find making crochet blankets for cats/kittens that
are looking for a new home is an easy and rewarding task.  Can you see the rainbow?

5   Arch

A few years ago, whilst driving around, we stumbled across Pendragon 
Castle; there was just the ruin, trees, sheep and us.  A lovely place.
I wonder what action these arches saw....
Click here to read about it.

6   Toy

Beloved decided earlier this year that it was time for a new toy!
Soon after he got it, he brought it home as there was a job for it.
I've yet to drive it....

7   Swirl

All those lovely swirling colours; I've yet to decide what I will do with them!
Bottom left is destined for a kitty blanket.

8   Brush

So what's special about this brush???  Well down one side of the garden
(where the adjacent field slopes down to) there is a man-made
water course to channel the water that rushes out of this field
away to the river proper at the end of our garden.  I've named
our water course Zambezi.....  every now and then I climb down
into it (wearing wellies!) and brush all the detritis down and
away into the river proper.  Now, with the trees shedding lots of
leaves, I need to get out and keep it clear.  So out with my brush
and off I go!  The above photos don't show how many leaves
there were.  There are still loads on the trees to fall down!

9   Nail

1  Using my NAIL to prise open a split needle.
2  Pushing a loop of yarn from my crochet hook through the open needle.
3  Putting a bead onto the needle.
4  Fingers crossed!  Can I pull the bead over the yarn loop?
5  Yes I can (not every bead went on so easily).
6  Yarn loop back on the crochet hook ready for the next treble

You can see the finished shawl in photo 10, as I managed to finish it in time
for this month's photo hunt.  It took me ages to add all the beads.....  but I did it.

10   Own choice

Here I am modelling my third Virus Shawl; I saw it at Yarndale this year and the 
lady said it was a free crochet pattern from Ravelry.  Click here to see it.
So I used some yarn I had bought at Yarndale in 2014 and set to!  
I had plenty of yarn and kept going to try to use most of it up.
Putting the beads on was slow; I put them on alternate trebles on row 3
 of the 4 row pattern repeat.  At the moment I am saying never again!
I even took the time to block it...  It is so easy to make.

Well, thanks for stopping and having a look.  Don't forget to look at Hawthorn's photos by clicking here.