Friday, 26 October 2018

October 2018 Photo Hunt

Well, I'm still in plaster so am making an early start to this month's photo hunt!  I will not be beaten by a 'broken wing'...

Now I'm in pink plaster.  Well white plaster was a no-no and I did not fancy Royal Blue!
I was offered glitter but I politely declined!

The typing for each picture will be minimal apart from the last picture, as I'd prepared the text months ago (when I was able to type properly).  Now as I type, I have to backspace a lot!

1   Print

Learning to PRINT with my left hand .....

2   Leaves

My leaf pile (about 3 years' old) at the bottom of the garden.  No idea if I'll be able to add
more this year...

3   Spot

One of the different rabbits that visited our garden.  We called it Spot!
We've not seen it for ages.

4   Boundary

The boundary mark between our village and nearest town.

5   Flame

My worn-out little wellies (oh how I miss them) going up in flames!

6    Own choice

At the top is a picture of a postcard I bought in about 2000 ish or earlier.
There were no details about the quilt on the postcard but the postcard
came from a visit to the Bankfield Museum (Halifax).
Then in 2010 I decided  to make my version of it.  It is shown in 
the bottom of the above picture and I called it Twisted Star.

A few years ago I came across a book from a 
quilting exhibition (Quilt Art on Tour)
 and there was the quilt!  It was made by Deirdre Amsden 
and is about 1 m square.  It was one in a series she'd made 
in the mid 1990s.  Mine is about 1.82 m square.....  much bigger.
Click here to see another example in her series of Colourwash quilts.

In my quilt there are 11 blocks across and 11 down, ie 121 blocks in total.
Each block contains 4 different fabrics, colour graded and no fabric was repeated.
So that is a total of 484 different fabrics!

The black and white 'stars' form part of each block; each block was cut
(carefully) and then the appropriate white or black right-angled
fabric triangle sewn on.   Only then could all 121
blocks be sewn together and at last I could see if the 
black and white stars were there and in the right place.

It took 4 months to make and I had to be so organised to keep 
the blocks in the right place in the 11 x 11 grid; I even resorted to 
using Excel to help me plan it out.

I remember running out of dark fabrics and driving immediately 
to a local fabric shop to buy some more dark fabrics; sadly 
that lovely shop has closed.

So I hope you have enjoyed this weird assortment of pictures as I could not take photos of what I wanted to use (using my camera is not easy!!).

Thanks to Hawthorn once again and please click here to see her photos (and everyone else's too!).

Friday, 28 September 2018

September 2018 Photo Hunt

Once again we are going to have a few days of picture loveliness as we look at this month's collection from the photo hunt.  Can't wait to see what you have done with the words Hawthorn provided.  A couple had me stumped for a few days but then I had a few ideas.

1   Brightly coloured

I saw this at the recent Harrogate Quilt Show.  At the moment I seem to be going through
a 'rainbow period' and would have loved to have taken this home with me....

2   Upside down

Now this word was a bit of a problem.  I nearly had to resort to taking a picture of Beloved when he is bored; he says as a child he used to lie upside down in the chair......  then I had a better idea!

A nuthatch eating upside down.....

3  Ink

Years ago I did have some old red and green ink in lovely bottles but house move etc.......  after a discussion with Beloved and a search of his office, we came up with the goodies!

The ink bottle on the left contains ink for his barograph; the stopper
looks very cracked so I had to be careful not to touch it.
Don't know what a barograph is?  Click here to find out.

4   Bag

Ah, the happy memories associated with this bag.  We kept chickens 
from 1984 to 2014 ish.  We knew we would be moving in 2015
so I gave our few last chickens away.  I still miss them but I
do not miss the work that went with them!

5  Pattern

One of several visitors in March 2016, hoping we'd soon be up and open the door
to feed them!

6  Own choice - not really my own choice but something forced upon me by my own carelessness!

I was in the garden last Sunday and slipped on some mud.  
Fell backwards and hurt my wrist.  Off to Airedale A&E I was taken.  
Three hours later I left with my right arm in plaster!  I have a distal radius fracture.....  
Worst bit is I'm not allowed to drive.   
No pain to speak off but I've yet to see if I can crochet!
I can just about hold a ball f yarn......
Quilt making will not happen and there I was about to start one....

But I'm finding ways to do stuff.  Just managed to do some ironing now.

All part of life's rich tapestry!!!

I think I've waffled enough about my photos, especially the last one.  Once more thanks to Hawthorn for organising the Photo Hunt; long may it continue.  Click here to see what the other participants have done with her words!

Friday, 31 August 2018

August 2018 Photo Hunt

Here we go again!  I have to admit I liked the twist on this month's word list but I had to really stir up my brain cell to think of what photos I had to take or what I might already have.  Anyway I did it so here goes!  I decided to use both homophones too, so double the photos for you to look at......

Before I actually start here's a round of applause for Hawthorn for keeping us on our toes!  Long may it continue.

1   Tea/tee

What can I say other than I throw the used wipe into the bin and not down the toilet!

Beloved's T square......

2   Thyme/time

I don't have a thyme plant in the garden as I don't like thyme.  Nor do I have the dried stuff.
A friend uses it and took a photo for me and sent it to me; look how artistic she was.
Saved me the time driving to her home and taking a photo!

This is the church tower in Kildwick.  I went there recently to see
the cascade of poppies down the church tower.  They were gone!
But what a lovely clock showing the time.
Click here to see what I missed.
Apparently they will be on display at Yarndale so I plan to see them there.

3   Aisle/isle

A few weeks ago I was in a beautiful church in Haworth but did not think to take any photos...
But, brain in gear, I was in The Range recently and was granted permission to take a photo
of an aisle; I chose the 'paint' art one as I love the colours, the tubes, the coloured pencils
BUT I can't paint!  I can't even trace an outline but I can drool over all the lovely stuff.

Our friend's RIB; we had gone from Oban to Tobermory on the Isle of Mull.
Not a good photo as it was taken on a film camera ages before I had a digital camera.

4   Fairy/ferry

Seen at a local garden centre I visited recently.  Not to my taste....

Once more we are in a RIB sailing near Oban when the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry
passed nearby.  Once we were sailing into Oban Harbour and the ferry was coming out.
It had to stop/slow down for us as otherwise its wake would have swamped us!!!!

5   Flour/flower

Tried to make my own flour but it did not work so 
I bought a bag.......

That's me....  bonkers as usual.....
I made these crochet pansy flowers back in 2012; I used florist's wire for the stems
and covered them in single crochet stitches.  These plus a few more live
in a vase.  Recently I went to a funeral of my ex-colleague's husband
and there was a request to wear bring clothes.  So I wore pink jeggings,
a bright blouse and these bunch of flowers in my hair.
I am retired so you can guess how old I am!
Next time I wear the flowers I must try to get them more central!
Beloved could have mentioned this as he took the photo....

I also wore them to meet up with some other ex-colleagues and it made
them smile!!!  I also got some funny looks but I don't care!

6  Own choice

Can you guess what my own choice will be this time???  Yes the ducklings.

They have been visiting for about 7 weeks now; what a treat for us.
Yes it is my feet and hands in the photos.

I took so many photos that it was very hard to select just 2 to complement
the photos showing theiir first and possibly last visit.

I have to admit that I might be obsessed with the ducklings...  they now seem to visit most days
on their own without Mrs D.  If you click here you can see them having their breakfast!

I wonder if any will return next year with ducklings of their own?

Well, that's my offerings for this month.  Thanks for taking the time to look and read my ramblings.

Click here to to to Hawthorn's photo hunt for this month to see who else has taken part.  Such fun to see all the many interpretations of the words.

PS I'm off to a quilt show at Harrowgate's Great Yorkshire Showground so I'll not be looking at any of your lovely photos and comments until I get home!  What a treat I'll have then.  Bye!