Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Hawthorn's August Photo Scavenger Hunt

Hawthorn's August Scavenger Photo Hunt

Hawthorn Spellweaver (click here to visit her blog) has organised another Scavenger Photo Hunt.  She provides a list of 10 words and the objective is to select a photo for each word.  We are encouraged to think outside the box!  For some reason I found this list hard and struggled with some of the photos!  I was running out of time so had to think hard and act fast!.  So here is my offering for August.

1   Blue

Ah, so many choices; felt I had to keep away from sky photos and in the end settled for this one.  

This mobile was given to me by a dear friend who opened my eyes to all sorts of crafts (quilting, paper making, felt making, card making, etc etc).

2   Eye

Now my original idea did not materialise as the photos I had were out of focus and then the subject I required to capture has proved to be elusive.  So instead I did some lateral thinking!

A small sample of  some of  my many sewing needles that I use; as I get older I am beginning to struggle the really small one but then  just have to use my needle threader, if I can find it!

3   Button

I've a huge collection of buttons but again I felt I had to find something different.  Beloved came to the rescue!

Just in case you do not recognise it, it is a START button from a lathe or similar machine.  It is in his spares department, just in case....

4   Favouite

Oh this was so easy!  I chose my favourite friend!

Yipee, Boris is back on his usual perch at the old house.  He is so tolerant as I move under the tree, well as close to it as I can get as it is growing out of the small river behind the house, taking photo after photo after photo.  For a hoot, the last photo I took that day he had turned his back on me!  He has been there for 3 consecutive days (I found excuses to go back to the old house), just to say Hi and watch him.  Such a treat and I realise how lucky I am.  I do hear owls at the new house (less than ½ mile away from the old house) but I've only glimpsed one, on the first night that I came to sleep here it hooted as I got out of the car; was it Boris?  No idea.

5   Feet

Another one that had me scratching my head.

Voila, some of the feet I use on my Janome sewing machine!  I'll not bore you with their names!

6   Glass

I had taken a photo of a special glass vase I have here and felt it was not WOW enough.  Then I remembered going to an exhibition in July 2014 and saw this!  Oh, how I wanted it.

It is a curved piece of glass with fish and bubbles in the design.  From memory it is about 60 cm wide and about 30 cm high.  The gentleman bringing it in carefully cradled it in his arms.  If I had had a spare lump of cash (about £600) he would make me one.  If it had been £60 I would have gone for it but I could not spend that much money on something so fragile.  Upon reflection I made the right decision as there is no suitable place to display it in the new house.  But perhaps it could sit on top of the big unit in the dining room??????

7   Green

My camera struggles to take decent photos of anything green or red.  A bit annoying but I've no idea why.  I've tired all sorts of settings.  Strangely Beloved's camera (which is a slightly newer model of my camera) does not have this problem.  He did suggest I swap cameras, and perhaps I might!

Some of my green yarns I use to crochet with.  Yes the brown ones are green!  Puzzling for me is the fact there is a £20 note tucked down next to these yarn balls.  I've no idea why it is there.  I just cannot remember but I've left it there!  Usually I know where every penny is so to find a note is a great surprise.

8   Floor

Another tough one from Hawthorn.  I did take a photo for this and was congratulating myself  that I'd got one.  Then I remembered a better floor!

Back in August 2008 Beloved decided to splash out and get half our shed (yes it is not your average sized shed!) made over with a concrete floor.  I was working that day and as soon as I could I left to come and see the progress.  I'd missed all the concrete being brought into the shed (someone forgot to take photos....) but here they were starting to polish the floor.  We had to set up some lights as they worked into the night.  Now we can wheel stuff (and we have a lot of big, heavy stuff) with ease over this smooth floor.  Ah, how I love this floor.

9   Knitted/crochet

At first this seemed easy as I've a lot of crochet blankets etc but in the end I decided to show you a cardigan I knitted.

It was a Kaffe Fassett pattern, knitted in Botany Wool.  I think I knitted it in the late 1980, prior to digital camera so I've no photo taken when I knitted it.  I spent time making a lining for it and have worn it a few times but it just hangs in my wardrobe.  If I did wear it, I'd not relax!  I could not face knitting another one, the yarn is too fine and all the yarn that I had to carry across.....

10  Own choice

My initial thoughts for this one was to be a photo of Boris and find something else for Favourite.  But then Fate dealt me a stunning card!  Beloved and I had been out for a walk and we'd got back at about 6.30 pm.  Still glorious sunshine!  Straight away I went into the kitchen to put the oven on when I stopped in my tracks!  I called for Beloved as I raced to the front door to get my camera.  Look what I could see on the decking just outside the patio doors in the kitchen!  It was amazing.

A heron, resting with his other leg tucked up.  I managed to take another photo and was about to snap another one when Beloved accidentally kicked a cardboard box and the heron decided it was time to fly off.  Since we moved here we have seen a heron fly over, seen on the wall of an adjoining field and as I cross our bridge to the main road I've seen one there on a few occasions but to have one on our decking...  How cool is that!  So now when I go into the kitchen I look to see if it is there or if something more exciting (elephant??) is standing there.  What a treat for us.

Well that's all for this month.  Hope I've not bored you too much!