Friday, 30 June 2017

June 2017 Photo Hunt

I am once again joining in with Hawthorn Spellweaver (click here to visit her blog and see links to other people who are taking part). This month she presented us with a list of 10 words.  Another challenging list and I present my selection below!

1   Setting sun

Just love setting suns; such a pity my camera does not capture the vivid colours and scale of
it all.

2   My local wild place
6   Mini Beasts

This old metal seat (from a bench some friends were breaking up) is where I used to sit
in my new garden and have a brew.  But not any more!

Look who lives under this seat!  I found out the hard way the first summer here.  I was
sitting having a brew and felt a tickling sensation on my hand - ants!!!
Each summer they return and live under the metal seat.
I leave them to it.  It is hard to sit in most places as there seems to 
be ants everywhere!

3  Mug of my favourite drink in the garden

This was a tough one for me as I rarely have take a drink out into the garden.
It is often too cold for me or there are ants wandering around wherever
I choose to sit.  So my preferred seat is in this chair, covered in 
a quilt I made, with my favourite mug (from a set of 4) filled
with coffee if in the morning or any other time hot water and
I can read and overlook the garden.  A lot of gardening
planning takes place here.  What you can't see is
the veranda outside these patio doors upon which
are various bird feeders.  So I love to sit here
and watch the visitors to the feeders.  
At the moment there are a lot
of juvenille birds.

4   My kind of beautiful

There are so many objects I regard as beautiful but for several months now I am drawn
to the many and varied bees that live in my garden.

5  Look to the skies

The sky is an amazing place; clouds of different shapes and colours,
planes (domestic and military) and helicopters flying above,
con trails from planes, birds in the air too but you 
just can't beat a lovely rainbow; if you look closely to the right
you will see it is a double one.

7  Rain

June 2017 started off wet which was so disappointing as we'd had some good weather
but like a typical English summer, it did not last (well not until mid June when
we had a mini-heat wave!).  Anyway, here we are parked at the view point at 
Pinhaw, a favourite place of ours.  In the distance we could see the rain
rolling in.  We did think we might walk up to the trig point but
decided against it as we did not fancy getting wet!

8  Something summery

Look was a change in the summer weather did!  This is the River Ribble at Settle after a few
days of rain.  I seem to recall my childhood summers were long and hot and the
tar always melted!!!  Since 2004 when Beloved bought some fields nearby
we've become more aware of the summer weather as we have to get our
grass cut and gathered in.  A lot of the summers since then have been poor.
I hope the above picture is not what this year's summer will be!

9  Urban wilderness

I like to see wildlife in my garden as well as elsewhere.  I feel privileged
that birds and critters like my garden.  This little cheeky mouse
certainly liked the fat balls!

10  Own choice

We moved to this area in September 1983 and the other day we decided to climb to the top of
Pendle hill!  This is not quite the top as it was too windy there.  But you have to believe
me that I did make it to the top!  So pleased we did it.  It is about 557 m high (1827 feet
in old money).  I've poor knees and coming down did not do
them any favours.   I think we would like to go to the top again but take a
gentler route, albeit much longer!

Well that's my offerings for this month.

Now I must go and look at everyone else's photos.  Don;t forget you can click here to see other people joining in with Hawthorn this month.


  1. I have to say that despite you mentioning that these were challenging - you not only rose to the challenge you well and truly 'boshed it' and they are excellent photos and stories :) I love the view over your quilt and coffee in to the garden and your ants and wild spot and the bee in the geranium and the view of you on Pendle and, and, and, I could go on!

    1. Thanks for 'going on'! Of all the photo challenges I've done so far, I felt this was the weakest one. Funny how one view's one's own work but others view it more favourably!

  2. Love the mouse in the bird feeder

    Julie xxx

    1. Yes, it was so cute. I watched it for hours, dashing out of a nearby bush, up the wooden bird feeder and then on to the fat balls. I was so lucky to see it and take a snap.

  3. Lovely photographs and so many of them tone in with your surround colour, especially the sunset. I love them all but if I must select a favourite it would have to be your little mouse friend. How lucky to have seen that. .......then of course there is that hat! I love it. ♥ ♥

    1. Good of your to notice my 'purple' theme! I had not noticed it. Funny how we each view things differently. Hat number 2 nearly finished!

  4. Just looking at you lovely pictures again and noticed a caravan very near the flooding Ribble. Scary. ♥ ♥

    1. Yes, it was next to a row of cottages, just out of view! Scary, as you say as we both know the power of water.

  5. Well done on your Pendle climb! Its been years since I have done it. Thats so funny that you have a mouse in your bird feeder. Lovely rainbow. X

    1. It's only 8 days since we went up Pendle Hill and we are talking about doing it again (but I hope a less strenuous route!). We now have a cheeky mouse that pops up at the decking that is next to the house, dashes (bolts, gallops, runs like crazy, etc) across the decking and down through the rotten piece. It moves so fast that there is no way I can take a photo!

  6. The mouse is so cute! I love the rainbow picture, how lucky that you had your camera.

    1. Glad you liked the cute mouse. When we are out and about in the car, I am the passenger and sit with my camera on my lap, as you never know what you might see!

  7. What a wonderful selection of photos, so much to look at :)


    1. I am glad you enjoyed my photos. Will try to keep the standard going!

  8. Again M, a wonderful lot of photos. I so enjoy seeing what everyone sees differently, though I think it funny that I had a rainbow in my "rain" shot & yours was in "look to the skies", but possibly not far from each other and we both had the River Ribble. Well done getting to the top of Pendle Hill. Take care.

    1. I do agree with you! Knowing you have visited the UK, it is interesting to see what you have used. I do enjoy seeing other people's photos of familiar places. We are thinking of going up Pendle Hill again.....

  9. I just realised while I was gathering photos for this month's challenge that I never sit out in the garden just to sit and have a cuppa - I really must change that - but like yourself it's either too cold or too many crawly things, or too much work to do out there lol
    I love the mouse - we had several of them set up camp inside the house over the winter and it took ages to get rid of them, so I'm afraid they'll not be getting any of my birds food .

    1. Mice are fine in the garden but not in the house! They are so cute to look at but not in the house! Cool again today so will be having my cuppa inside, looking down on the garden!

  10. Got to say I love the little mouse in the feeder . I have visited Pendle Hill many years ago and loved it there with tales of witches etc. Looking forward to your next month.

    1. Seems a lot of people like the cheeky mouse! No idea what July's words will be.... I expect they will be published soon and then I will have to get my thinking hat on again.

  11. What a lovely collection of photos. It's so hard to capture a sunset but that's a beautiful deep red one. A great shot of the rainbow too. Your garden puts ours to shame, no wonder the bees love it! J

    1. Oooh, thank you for your kind comments. I am slowly creating a garden at our 'new' house. Been 2 long, hard, back breaking work but am getting there! I am blessed with loads of bees in my old and new garden. So plenty photo opportunities for me, if only the bees would stay still!

  12. I love this collection and am so pleased to see so much nature in it too! I think we are probably of a similar mind regarding nature - I'm was really pleased to hear that you leave the ants to get on with their business, so many people would kill them! Looks like you live in a beautiful place! My in laws live near Pendle Hill :) a lovely area!

    1. Yes we do live in a wonderful place; we are within striking distance of several National Parks. We go out the front door and the countryside is there! When we moved into this house, the vendor left some ant killer/deterrent stuff behind. I threw it away. As long as the ants stay in the garden, we can live side by side. However I never bring my washing basket back inside without checking the bottom for hitch-hikers!