Thursday, 31 August 2017

August 2017 Photo Hunt

I am once again joining in with Hawthorn Spellweaver (click here to visit her blog and see links to other people who are taking part). 

Well, I've managed to get myself organised for this hunt.  I was on the point of saying I'd not be able to take part (my chaotic life....) but about a week ago I made myself think really hard (mostly out of the box), snap some photos and did it all, largely in one day!

So here comes the big reveal!

1   Relaxed

Mickey (see below) full relaxed on Beloved's legs.  It meant Beloved could not get out of
his chair as he dare not disturb Mickey so I had to fetch whatever Beloved needed.

2   Begins with M .....

Back in 1994 ish, this cat adopted us for some hours of each day.  He was called Mickey.  He was 
so happy to be stroked and soon had us at his beck and call.  When it rained and he came in wet,
he liked to be dried with his own towel....  Here he is asleep on the quilt on our bed.  he
only ever laid on the quilt and if the bed was not made but the quilt was bunched up
at the foot of the bed, he would lay on that, even if it meant a bit of a balancing act!

3   Time for ......  PLANNING MY NEXT QUILT

I made this quilt many years ago, probably about 1993 and it was one of my
early ones.  I had not discovered rulers and rotary cutters so all the 3" x 7"
rectangles were cut out using a paper template and scissors.
Move on to this year and I need a quilt for the sofa upstairs; but it is a big sofa
so I can't use the original one.  What a shame as I'll have to make another one.
I know how many rectangles to cut out (252 of a mixture of fabrics 252 from the
contrast fabric).  Soon it will be the Harrogate Quilting Show and I hope to buy
the contrast fabric there; I'm thinking 'purple'!  Below the photo of the quilt
you can see the maths I have done to calculate how much contrast fabric
I will need so that I can cut 252 rectangles but have enough to cut the borders in
one piece!  In theory you cut the borders once you've made the quilt but
I've estimated and know I'll need 5 m of fabric that must be 42" wide!  
I'll probably buy 5½ m, just to be on the safe side.

4   Tangerine

My 'tangerine' day lily is splendid!

5    Begins with O .....   ONION SEED HEAD

What a whooper!  It measures about 23 cm across and I grew
it in about 2010.  I seem to recall it was Allium Christophii
but I could be wrong.

6   Whiskery

We own several fields and are never tired of seeing hares there.
I hope you can see its whiskers!

7    Lace

My new boots with snazzy laces, sharing my garden with hosta leaves that are more lace than leaves.

8    Bridge

We own the bridge that crosses the 'river' up to our house and that of our neighbour.  To cut a long
story short, it is being repaired and the company undertaking this work had to built a bridge
over our neighbours wall so the workers can get into the water and then under the
bridge to repair the supporting wall that the floods on Boxing Day 2015 ripped out....
It is not proving to be an easy job....   big sigh!

9    Letters

We were on our way recently to visit Beloved's aged Aunt and we stopped at
a cross roads; as a rule we always stop here but this was the first time I
noticed this set of ancient letters.  So out with my camera, a quick snap
and we were on our way again.

10   Own Choice

BORIS IS BACK!!   Yes I am shouting as I'm so pleased he is back.
I go and see him most days and thank my lucky stars to be able
to see him.  He still lives in a tree in my old garden.

Well that's my offerings for this month.

Now I must go and look at everyone else's photos.  Don't forget you can click here to see other people joining in with Hawthorn this month.


  1. You obviously work well under pressure as these shots are ace! I love Lace...truly inspired. Other faves are the hare and Boris(he's beautiful) & Tangerine. Btw I think you are right, that allium does look like Christophii.

    1. Thanks for saying you think the allium is Christophii; I'm not always very good at making notes! Yes, I think I work better under pressure; if I take my time, I find I keep changing my mind!

  2. Another lovely lot Threads. I can relate to the quilt workings, as I do much the same. I got my first rotary cutter & mat in late 1993, and I made my first in 1977, so lots of scissors, templates & tape measures before. The day lily is gorgeous & the big trouble is I like so many of your photos, with your unusual letters, cat & hare, but....Oh, Boris you are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing & take care.

    1. Sorry to include Boris (yet again) but he is wonderful. My fingers are itching to start my new quilt and I will be so disappointed if I don't find the contrast fabric at the quilt show this weekend...

  3. Another fantastic selection. Knowing the trials and tribulations your are having with your bridge I felt you cut a very long story short and were being very cautious in your comments! Love the day lily and the hare and the laces/lacy hosta in fact I love all of them but my favourite is of course Boris. x

    1. Ah well, since you like Boris so much, I think I might have to squeeze him in again! Thanks for liking my photos! I did struggle this month.

  4. Wow Love that picture of Boris the Owl

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Well Julie, I can promise that Boris will be back!

  5. You, once again, have produced a fabulous selection Missus - nice one :) Lace/s - brilliant! yeah, one of my hostas too has that lacy look, sigh. Please can I paint your hare? It is such a lovely photo (pretty please?)

    1. Since you asked so nicely, I will say yes to your request! Good to know my hosta leaves are not unique!

  6. Lovely photos! I love cats and hares so I've enjoyed your photos of those. How lucky you are to see hares close by. Love the onion seed head and the boot laces and the owl is wonderful:)

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. I never tire of seeing hares or Boris. Can't seem to get enough! Beloved usually quips 'You've already got enough photos' but I carry on taking them!

  7. Great set of photos again this month - like all the other commenters I'm in love with Boris :) How lucky are you. I've only ever seen an owl once in the wild and that was it flew by - beautiful birds. Your laces are inspired and the onion seed head is fabulous.

    1. So I have another fan of Boris; welcome to his club! I have to be honest and say my laces were a result of me clutching at straws as to what I could do for Lace!

  8. Wow! Boris is a real beaut! I've enjoyed all your other photos as well, it's great to see how everyone is interpreting the prompts, isn't it?


    1. Yes, it is such fun to see everyone's interpretation. Sometimes I find myself kicking myself for not thinking as others do but in the end it is great fun!

  9. Great photos for tangerine, O and whiskery! I like the letters and the tawny owl too.

    1. You, in common with several others, have liked the same photos! That is great to read. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  10. We have had that very same scenario as Mickey in your husbands kegs with both our cat and various dogs. It's the perfect time to ask for a cup of tea! How amazing to have such a magnificent owl in a tree in your garden.

    1. Yes, Mickey relaxing caused me a lot of extra work but he did look so good all stretched out and relaxed. Seems you are another Boris fan!

  11. Wonderful photographs. I especially love the Onion head and the animals. Wonderful to see hares and it must be nice to have a resident owl. :)

    1. Yes, the resident owl is very welcome. Thanks for your kind comments.