Friday, 25 May 2018

May 2018 Photo Hunt

Once again it's time to join in with Hawthorn, contributing to her Photo Scavenger Hunt.  In the beginning (many moons ago) when I read the published list of words, I used to panic thinking I'd not find anything.  Now it is so much easier as I start to think as soon as I read the list and hey-presto I have photos....  it does take some thinking I can say.

Anyway, without any more waffling I will share my photos with you, but in a slightly different order to her list.


We own several fields nearby and spend a lot of time 'playing' up there.  We don't have any livestock but it is a great place to go to (when the weather permits).  Back in February 2009 Beloved (and with some help from myself) planted some willow whips.  They have grown but there is a problem.  Cue photo!

Water from our neighbour's property runs all the time now through the wall and past the willows.
Beloved noticed some time ago that some of the willows are falling over because of this.
Something had to be done to avert a total disaster.


Now this is an interesting word with so many meanings.  I have decided to use the meaning of desirable, eg, that's a cool car.......

Here I am looking very cool.....  seems I am destined to be linked to mud!

The fields are still so very wet that we are unable to get Beloved's digger into the field 
and dig a trench for the water to use rather than flowing through the disaster willows.....  
So I set to with my border spade and dug a trench!
Here I am nearing the end of my second stint....  I decided to throw the gloves
away, well they were rather worn.
Yes, I nearly fell over once and my boots were nearly left in the mud
on several occasions!  What fun it was.  I like a challenge.


As I was making my trench and water started to flow in it, I noticed a collection of bubbles, swirling around and around; ah MOVEMENT I heard myself say.  I am hoping if you click here you will see a short video clip!


Back at the previous house we kept chickens for about 30 years.  Sadly in our new house I've decided not to bother with them as I want less work!!!!  Anyway, I used to spend hours making covered runs for them, as I did not want cats etc to jump in with them nor did I want them to jump out and go and play in my garden.

In the top photo you can see an example of the fencing I used to do.
It did take several hours to dismantle the run, move it etc.
The chickens always loved their new run and would 
eagerly wait for me to finish the construction.  
The ground was very stoney so knocking in the uprights
was not easy!  When it snowed the top net would sag
and I'd have to go out and sort it out.
Then one day I had a brain wave.

Rather than make little runs and move them, I could extend the fencing upwards!
So I'd no longer need to use a top net!!!!
The bottom photo shows you the extended fencing 'reaching for the skies'.
Did it work???  Oh, yes, like a dream.
Wish I'd thought of this sooner....


Back to the fields where we have a long hawthorn hedge, over 100 metres in length.  It is spiky and the spikiness varies from virtually no spikes to massive ones.  We hand cut it as I can't face the thought of Beloved zooming along with his petrol driven hedge cutter and leaving me to pick the bits up.  Did this once on a short section of hedge and never again!

I hope you can see the spikes!  Bottom right is the hedge and it
looks lovely now, despite my hands getting spiked!

Own Choice

At the end of March 2015, we moved to our current house and the vendors said ducklings should appear soon.  And indeed they did, coming to the garden with mum.  Since there, whilst we have had plenty of visiting ducks, we have had no ducklings.  Until the first week in May this year!

The fifth duckling in the top photo had just zoomed off somewhere.
It showed no sign of coming back and I was confident the others would
soon run off so I had to be content with this shot.
In the bottom photo is mum with her 5 little ones.  All having a siesta.  
I was amazed to see how fast the little ones can move.  
Even more amazing was to see a crane fly slowly move down the patio door window
and for a duckling to dash and catch it.  Yes it ate it in one....

Well I hope you like my photos and thanks for taking the time to look at them.  Don't forget to pop over to Hawthorn to see her photos and what other people have found.  It is great to see everyone's efforts.  As usual I will be saying 'Why didn't I think of that?'.


  1. Once again a very interesting and varied selection of stories and photos - you do certainly raise the bar!! Love duckling and their little wind-up-clock style of actions :) Those thorns look quite vicious :O xxx

    1. This photo hunt is such good fun; best part is seeing what others do.

  2. Great photos. Aw, the ducklings are so cute!!! I love the one of you stuck in the mud & we certainly know about falling trees, but ours are usually large ones. Have a great weekend & take care.

    1. Yes I almost lost a boot a few days later.... so far I've not lost one nor fallen over but give it time as I've more work to do on the trenches....

  3. Wonderful photos of all your hard work in the mud to save those willows. The duckings are so sweet:)

    1. I'm thinking (if there is an own choice category for June) to create a collage of my trench work! I was telling our neighbour about my digging and he muttered something that sounded like 'You're mad.! Ooh, I do like a good compliment!

  4. Such a busy set of photos, loved the video of movement and the lovely sound of water . Sounds like the chickens were planning the great escape. Favourite though has to be those dear little ducklings with mum. Great job.

    1. Yes, the hens always tried to escape. One was very good at this and we called her Houdini.... she seemed to enjoy me spotting her and then leading her back to the shed with wheat to entice her back in!

  5. Lovely to have visiting ducklings. 😁
    You are very cool for digging muddy trenches! X

    1. Thanks for your lovely compliment! I've yet to clean my boots properly..... Sadly no more duckling visits.

  6. I love the way you have linked the first few topics together. Good thinking. Love the baby ducklings with mum. I've done you some African pictures this month. xx

    1. Have saved your pictures for Saturday! I was just lucky to think of linking pictures when working at the fields.

  7. Hoe lovely to have the duckling return. An interesting collection, I enjoyed reading.

    1. At the bottom of the garden we have a small 'river' and I still see ducklings down there but none seem to want to come to the garden. Glad you liked my pictures.

  8. Love the ducklings

    Julie xxxxx

    1. It's hard not to love ducklings; makes me smile every time I see them, biggish or tiny.

  9. Love the ducklings, they are just the cutest :-)

  10. What gorgeous pictures. I'm with you on hawthorn cuttings . . . evil little buggers!

    1. Ha,ha - I like your description of the hawthorn cuttings; a bit more polite than Beloved's description!

  11. Replies
    1. Seems the ducklings were a hit with most people. Still no more in the garden since then...

  12. Brilliant photographs - the ducklings are so cute :) Those hawthorn hedges are beautiful but at a cost.

    1. Another vote for th ute duckling! Thanks. I was looking at that hawthorn hedge today and it has put a lot of growth on.....