Friday, 28 October 2016

Hawthorn's October Scavenger Photo Hunt

Hawthorn Spellweaver (click here to visit her blog) has recently organised a Scavenger Photo Hunt.  She provides a list of 10 words and the objective is to select a photo for each word.  We are encouraged to think outside the box!  I try hard (some would say I am very trying ...).  So here is my offering for October.

1  A is for .....

I see a lot of wildlife in my garden (all sorts of birds as well as ducks, pheasants and the occasion Moorhen).  I had hoped to see an Aardvark but there were none so I had to settle for A is for Apple.  The little apple tree has done much better this year (mostly by being ignored by me).  I have sampled some of the fruit too!

2  Lunch

Most days it is as shown here but this one is special.
An apple from my own tree with home-made crab apple
jelly flavoured with cinnamon.

3  11 o'clock

In the September Photo Scavenge hunt for New I showed a picture of a crochet blanket kit I bought 
at Yarndale this year from Lucy of Attic24.  I noticed the time approaching 11 o;clock so 
requested Beloved take a photo!  I have organised the next 4 colours so I can sit and 
crochet and not have to get up to find the next colour.  
I am loving the colours and the soft feel of the yarn as the blanket grows.

4  Black and white

Another of my main hobbies is quilting.  At the moment I am in a black and white phase (with 
red and black too!).  On the left is a very small sample of my black and white fabrics.
Top right is the central part of block I made for my new quilt; you can just about
see the red and black fabric surrounding the black and white part.
I used black and white fleece fabric to back the quilt.
So many ideas and not enough time!

5  Looking up

Yes I managed to get a picture of Boris into this month's words!

I am standing directly below him and had to make a noise to 
get him to look down!  Before I could get this photo
I had to clear a lot of vegetation below his perch
so that I would have a clear view of his favourite branch.
I did that when he was not there as I did not want
to disturb him too much.

6   T is for ......

T is for Turtle!!!!!!!!!!   Well it initially looked like a turtle to me but then I had to
re-think my thoughts as we were walking round Preston Marina and that is not at
all tropical!   In the end I decided it was an abandoned lampshade.
What do you think it might be?

7   Landscape

Pendle Hill, our local landmark.  There is a local saying which suggests the area around
this hill experiences frequent rainfall - "if you can see Pendle, it's about to rain, if
you can't, it's already started".  As you can see from this photo it was indeed
about to rain!  I've lived near it for 33½ years and have yet to climb to the
top - must make an effort to do this.  Click here to read about Pendle Hill.

8  Two

Two rainbows!  Can you see the outer, fainter one?
We were driving on the roads above Eastby, near Skipton in Yorkshire.
The other day I read in the news about a moonbow.
Not heard of this before.  Click here to read about it.  It too was taken 
near Skipton.

9   Swing

Well it could have been a swing!  I was visiting a quilt exhibition recently
in Haslingden.  This is one of the several chandeliers hanging from the roof.

10  Own Choice

We do not have a normal life!  Here we are moving two lathes from the old house
to the new house (about ½ mile away).

Top row, left photo - small lathe moved to the front door.
Top row, right photo - a long, iron pipe inserted on to the bale spike of our tractor.

Middle row, left photo - bale spike with iron pipe inserted through the front door.
Middle row, right photo - small green lathe strapped to iron pipe and ready to be 
lifted out of the house.

Bottom row, left photo - small green lathe now outside the house and ready to be 
put in the trailer and taken away to the new house.
Yes the iron pipe was bent!
Bottom row, right photo - using just the bale spike to lift the heavier, bigger grey lathe before
placing it in the trailer and taking it to the new house.

For us this is normal!  We often wonder what other people might do on a sunny day ....

Thanks for taking the time to look at my photos and I do hope you enjoyed some of them
See you next month!


  1. The double rainbow is stunning. Don't think I've ever seen one. It's fascinating how everyone interprets the words so differently.

    1. I agree! It is so interesting to see other people's interpretations that often leave me thinking 'Why didn't I think of that?'! Perhaps I've been super lucky but seeing a double rainbow is almost once a year, mind you where we live we do have a lot of rain!

  2. Wow! love the Owl and Rainbow photos. We drove through a rainbow on the motorway once
    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Rainbows are wonderful; makes me smile every time I see one. Glad you like Boris!

  3. Love your interpretations again. The colours in that apple tree are wonderful. Are you eating one for your lunch? Glad Boris got a look in again and yes I too thought turtle when I first scrolled down to your picture for T. The contrast between the gorgeous colours in your new crochet and your black and white period must mean something!!

    1. Yes Jak I am having one of my apples for lunch everyday but if it is not big enough I will have up to 3 small ones! I nearly got Boris in twice, as I was tempted to put him in T as in Twit Twoo or in Two! Now if Hawthorn provides a suitable list I might get him in every category!!!

  4. Done it again Missus! A goodly collection and selection and stories :) xx

    1. Not sure how long I can maintain this! But I will keep trying. You are easy to please!!!

  5. What marvellous selection! I love it when you see a Secondary bow!!! You were lucky to capture it! The owl is so cute! What a great capture.
    No idea about the turtle/lampshade- turtshade????

    1. Yes I like the description turtshade! Went to look at my owl today (he lives at the old house) but he was not there. No doubt he will be back.

  6. I can't believe this month's photos. I've loved them all. Owls, rainbows, quilting, crochet, wow! All things I love. We also saw a double rainbow the day we went to Timble & they are amazing. As my hubby has a lathe, drill press etc, I don't think of you as not normal. The turtle thing reminds of a dresden plate pattern (giggle). Must get your email address & talk quilting too. Have a great weekend & take care.

    1. So glad you liked my humble offerings; clever girl to see the Dresden plate pattern in the turtle. Not done a Dresden block yet so I will have to add it to my to-do list. About 18 months ago we moved to this house (we still have the old house) and quilting/crafting time is very limited as we are still busy moving; this year I have moved most of the garden. Next year I have it in my mind to make it a crafting year!