Friday, 25 November 2016

Hawthorn's November Scavenger Photo Hunt

Once again Hawthorn Spellweaver (click here to visit her blog) has organised another Scavenger Photo Hunt.  She provides a list of 10 words and the objective is to select a photo for each word.  We are encouraged to think outside the box!  This month's list I found rather challenging.  So here is my offering for November and you can judge how I got on.

1   Menu

Now how's this for being spoilt for choice!
Such loveliness, such softness, such fun.
Hours of entertainment for little money.
I recently completed her Cosy blanket
and it was money well spent!
So pleased with it that I am thinking of
ordering another 2 kits.....

PS  A short while later and I did order 2 more kits!
See how irrististable this menu is...

2   Album

Many years ago (20 perhaps?) a good friend asked if I'd like to go on a 
book-making day with her.  YES PLEASE.  So off we went to the
Bankfield Museum in Halifax.  Click here to read about this
museum (which is worth a visit).  What a day we had.  It was 
solid work as there was such a lot to do but we each came 
home with an individual hand-made book.
I've never used mine as it is too precious but I will find
a use for it, just to cherish it and enjoy it!

3    Shoe

X marks the spot of the hot shoe on Beloved's little used film camera.
Give me a point and click digital camera any day and don't mention aperture,
film speed, etc etc to me!

4   In my hand

As we race towards Christmas, the phrase 'A partridge in a pear tree' popped into my head as I
went into the garden a few weeks ago and noticed a female pheasant flying out of our
pear tree.  In the above photo you can see the pear she was feasting on and in my hand
is another pear she has also sampled!

5   Macro

This was another tough one; so many photos to choose from!
In the end I selected this one showing an orange tip butterfly we found on 
a plant as we walked through our fields.  
Amazing detail in the photo, which I never seem to see with my naked eye.

6   Morning

One dismal and dark morning recently, the pheasants arrived for their breakfast.  On the menu
that day is wheat we scatter on the grass (can't call it a lawn, so wet and muddy) and in the
container is some unused semolina, which they love!  Also on the grass and some small
potatoes (too small to bother to peel) and the last of the pears (which did not keep).
At least the pheasants enjoy it all, well they must as they keep coming back and
tap on the doors if we are not quick enough to spot them and then feed them!

7   Rule of thirds

Well Hawthorn, this was difficult to find (weather against me, been slightly ill etc etc)!.  In the end I resorted to your advice, think outside the box!  So rather than find a traditional rule of thirds photo, I found a substitute one.

Here it is!

I've included the 1 kg bag of sugar so you can get an idea of how big this 3 layer sponge
cake is.  Each sponge layer is covered in home-made raspberry jam (sharp and not over sweet) 
and then a generous portion of whipped cream is added...

Rules for eating!
A third for Beloved.
A third for me.
The remaining third is fought over!

It is a lovely cake too and does not last beyond 2 days....

8   Starts with H

Let me introduce you to Houdini the h-evermore h-escaping hen.  She never wandered far
and knew when I appeared there would be food so she'd follow me into the shed
and pop back in with the others when I opened the inner door.  I'd then have to have a look at 
my fencing (rough and ready) to see where she'd broken out.
It was a good game!  
Sadly when we were preparing to 
move house, I gave my last few hens away as well as Eric the cockerel.

9   Tools
Can't imagine lift without tools!  I have so many and Beloved, being
an engineer, has many, many more, all sizes and shapes.
Anyway in my photo you can see some of my quilting, crochet and 
handy tools I use; the curved saw blade fits on a pole that
I can extend up to about 2 m long so I can cut off tree branches
without getting a ladder out.  One of my best garden tools ever.
It is from the Wolf range of tools.

10   Own choice

Whilst in the garden recently, clearing leaves from the watercourse, I became aware that I was
being watched.  She is one of the pheasants which visit each day for food.
The top of my head was about 1.5 metres away from where she chose to sit and
she seemed content to stay there as I walked up and down past her.
I had to go and get my camera, walk back to her, focus the camera
and take several photos.  She just sat there, bless her.

Well that's all for this month and it seems we get to have December off!  I hope we are all able to start again in January 2017.  Until then, keep well, have a good holiday and Happy New Year to you all.


  1. Nice one my dear lovely lady, a brilliant out of the box selection, 😊as for your rule of thirds! That wouldn't work in our household.... There are 4 of us and Himself eats for 2 at the best of time!

    1. Well I'd have to bake 2 sponge cakes then so Himself can have 2 of the 6 layers and you three can fight over the remaining 4 layers.... Glad you liked my selection.

  2. Lovely selection again. I also love your 'rule of thirds'- brilliant lateral thinking. I think my favourite one though is 'My own choice', Mrs Pheasant looks so comfortable sitting amongst the fallen leaves. x

    1. I am quite pleased with myself for my 'rule of thirds' photo as I was really struggling to get out and take one. The idea popped into my head as I was out walking with Beloved last week. Wonderful thing is a mind!

  3. Great photos, love the cake. Your handmade book look great

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Sorry to rub it in, since I can't share it, but the cake is brilliant!

  4. On catchup and love your selection. You've certainly thought outside the box with most of them. I can relate to the tools & thought of assembling mine, but was running out of time due to going away. I think your rule of thirds best & it brought a big smile to my face. Take care.

    1. Hi Susan; sorry about the late reply but I seem to be in permanent catch-up mode these days. Thanks for looking at my pictures and your kind comments; hopefully you will have time to join in next time.