Friday, 27 January 2017

Hawthorn's January 2017 Photo Scavenge Hunt

Once again Hawthorn Spellweaver (click here to visit her blog) has organised another Scavenger Photo Hunt.  She provides a list of 10 words and the objective is to select a photo for each word.  We are encouraged to think outside the box!  This month's list I found rather challenging.  I was in the middle of an awful cough/cold thing so could not do much physically.  Thank goodness her list arrived in early January as I was then able to sit quietly at my PC hunting for photos!  So here is my offering for January and you can judge how I got on.

1   Smoke

Taken in February 2007 when we were putting our sailing boat away.
My sister-in-law drew my attention to the smoke from a nearby
fire drifting up through the trees.
We no longer have a boat there as the storage fees went through the roof!

2   Twilight

Not sure if this meets the correct definition of twilight (the soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, caused by the reflection of the sun's rays from the atmosphere) but it captivated us as we were driving home.

The colour was amazing.  It was taken early February 2015.

3  Starts with F ....

Beloved decided to buy a Ferguson tractor, long before we bought the fields.
Roll on a few years and here he is turning the hay to help it dry.
That year I entered this photo into the Farm Life category at Trawden Show where
it won first prize.  I was amazed as I literally just pointed and clicked.
On show day I dragged him round to show him and he said if he'd known I
was going to enter it, he would have said no!  Just as well I don't
always tell him what I am about to do....

4   Circle

I made this in December 2010; I'd seen the kit but did not want to pay £25 for it.  So I made a few notes and made my own!  What fun that proved to be.

5   Sign

We like to have a drive out here and there.  We were passing near Pendragon Castle when we stopped to walk round it and I liked this sign!  This was taken in July 2016.  We will return and see if we can spot a red squirrel.  We once caught a glimpse of one somewhere else on a drive out but sadly it was off before I could take a photo.

It worked a treat as we did not see any red squirrels at all, not even 
a tail tip as it ran off.

6  Heat

We always seem to have a pile of stuff to burn.  We like a good bonfire.  It was very hot
 and we could not stand close to it.  Taken in April 2009.
As a way of a little joke, Beloved used some computer skills (I think I advised him!)
to place a friend's drawing board in the middle of the conflagration and then sent 
the edited image to him.  He was outraged that we had burnt it (we are 'storing it' for him 
at our shed) but his IT savvy son put his fears at rest!

6   Starts with J ....

I like doing jigsaw puzzles.  Once I get one out and on the go, I just cannot stop!  At the moment I have none out as I'm too busy with one of my other creative activities, crochet blankets!

This intrigued me!  It took some doing.  I was mislead by the description on the box which
said to me (in clear language) that the sides were all straight.  Oh no they were not!
Quite a few interlocked and once I realised this I could make progress.

8   Birds

A friend has her version of this in her house and she kindly made me one.  I've yet to fit it
to the frame properly but it's only been like this since November 2014!

9   In flower now

Hamamelis mollis (Chinese witch hazel) started to flower in early 
January 2017 - perfect timing!

10  Own choice

At Yarndale last year I decided to buy a blanket kit from Lucy of Attic24.  I made it up for my Beloved and then decided I wanted one for myself.  So I ordered another kit for me, different colours. When I  got to look at it I realised I had ordered the wrong kit; I think the Woolwarehouse site was a bit misleading but hey ho.  Whilst the pattern was on her blog, the colour sequence was not and I cannot do random!  After thinking about it for a few weeks I looked on her blog and found a picture of her finished blanket and then I had an idea!  I could use the picture to work out her colour sequence.  I did this and then amended the pattern as I wanted it to be long and thin rather than wide and not so tall.  That was easy enough to do.  Her pattern was on for 60 stripes (2 rows per stripe) but I wanted 90 stripes.  So back to her blog to find out what colours she used for the border (so I would not use all of these colours in my extra stripes) where I found she'd put her colour sequence on!  I felt compelled to compare and contrast and I was very close!

Here it is!  The extra 30 stripes I added are on the left hand side of the above photo.
Yes I am pleased with it and will start her Moorland Blanket CAL as soon as I feel
fit enough to do it.  In case you don't know she favours Stylecraft DK acrylic
yarn which is great to work it, has wonderful colours and I love it!


  1. What a great bunch of photos. The smoke through the trees, the sign, & the witch hazel are my favourites & your rug looks wonderful. Makes me think I must get the borders done on my cupcake one, (it is also from Attic 24.) Thanks & take care.

    1. Oooh, thanks for the kind comments. I also worry that the photos will not appeal to anyone! My rug is in use every day, wrapper around me as I sit and crochet! Go on, finish your cupcake one but I do understand that might be difficult for you as you are having hot weather!

  2. Lovely selection - you made me chuckle with your bonfire and Trawden show entry photo stories :) My favourite it the smoke through the trees - very ethereal :)

  3. As always I love all your choices. The lovely evening glow softening the hard, straight lines of the farm sheds, the Witch Hazel in particular is a beautiful photograph and I can feel the heat on my face of your roaring fire. But my favourite is also the Smoke through the Trees, mystical and as Kate says, very ethereal. Beautiful. xx

    1. Thanks for your kind words Jak. When I fist saw th list my heart sank but after a stern talk to myself I got all the photos sorted within a few hours, with a list of about two to photograph. I wonder what challenges she will set us in March?