Thursday, 21 July 2016

Does this work??

I already have an existing blog but it is a private one.  In order to make life easier for one of my friends out in Blogland (Hawthorn), I've created this public blog.  It is 5 years since I created my private blog and I'm struggling to get this one just as I want it to be!

I hope it will be ready within the next few days but if nothing happens till late August, do not give up on me!

As you can see I like chickens; these were spotted a the Great Yorkshire Show recently.


  1. Oh boy does it work?? Oh yes it does!! well done :)

  2. Why did the chicken ride the bike? And yes it works!

  3. Love your new blog. Much easier this way. Did you say you like chickens? Now that is a surprise! Joking aside, I love the simplicity of triangular chickens. So easy to make then just give them individual. x