Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Hawthorn's June Scavenger Photo Hunt

Once more Hawthorn set a challenging list of words.  Please click here to see her offerings and everyone else who took part.  My original photos were on her blog but that page has now gone so I have posted them here, mainly for my records but then again you might enjoy seeing them.


In our old house we found a stone lintel; no matter where we moved it to, it was in the way.  About 10 years ago we decided it would be ideally placed as part of a retaining wall for raised bed.  Last year as we prepared to move out of the old house, we offered it to our friend.  It was quite a challenge for Beloved to remove it and take it to our friend's house.  The story included getting the tractor stuck, getting another tractor to pull the stuck tractor out, moving the lintel with the tractor down a steep slope (I was instructed to keep out of the way in case the brakes did not hold....) and placing it gently into the trailer, driving the trailer to our friend's and then unloading it from the trailer using our friend's tractor, which would just lift it!  Our friend was creating a doorway and the builder used it as the lintel.  We are so pleased that it now has a proper home and that we will never have to move it!


Just over 2 years ago my sister moved to Port Carlisle.  It is a good 2½ hour drive there but the views are lovely.  Usually my sister and I go for a walk and a natter.  Along the path we take we catch glimpses of the Solway Firth looking across to Scotland.  Here is one such view.  Lucky for us, it was a fine day!


Once more I am at my sister's (that trip provided quite a few photo opportunities for the June Photo Scavenger hunt).  The huge sky looking from the foreshore (about 4 minutes' walk from their house) across to Scotland.  The seaweed etc marks last night's quite high tide.  Sometimes the road to Port Carlisle is flooded with high, spring tides!


Beloved and myself like to jump into the car and drive around the countryside that surrounds us.  We have a favourite place to visit and this is a small road that passes through farms and farmland.  We have to remember where the passing places are just in case we meet another vehicle!

It was about 5 pm, at the end of a fine day and the sky was a wonderful gold/red (hard to describe) colour.  Everything was bathed in this wonderful colour.


Once more Port Carlisle provided me with the picture of water; the tide is coming in and it is mesmerising to watch it.  The structure you can see is the original port that used to serve Carlisle; sadly it is derelict now.  At low tide one can get across to it (I have done this) but one has to watch the tide!


Ah, how I felt for the cormorant as it clung to its 'dwelling', drying its wings out as the tide came in (at Port Carlisle!).  Shortly I noticed the wooden stake had disappeared beneath the water and the cormorant had flown off.


Last year we moved to a new house and the garden needed much attention! It will not be completed this year but I like to think I am making progress.  I am optimistic that it will look even better next year.  It does not help that the soil is poor, full of tree roots or clay or rubbish (or in one bed, thankfully only one bed, rampant, invasive bamboo).  But I am winning!


Guess where I am!!! Yes, Port Carlisle.  It was a lovely gate to someone's private garden but all I could see was a path, the other side of the gate, leading to who knows what!


Some years ago a friend gave us an oak sapling which we planted up at the fields.  Oak do not grow fast and this little one was also hampered in its early years by being nibbled by, we think, deer.  Roll on a few years and it is coming along nicely, though we did notice that a branch has been nipped off recently.  It is a special tree for us as it grown from an acorn that was collected from the Auschwitz Concentration Camp by our friend who visited there many years ago.  I hope it fares better .....

Own choice

Walking through the grass in our long field I espied an interesting butterfly; it was 'tame' enough to sit on the flower which Beloved picked so I could get a better view of it.  I thought I'd have to try to identify it when, after a few minutes, it flew away.  It was an Orange Tip butterfly!  Normally I see them from the top so it was a treat to see an alternative view of it.

Well that's all folks!  Roll on the July Photo Challenge posts from everyone.


  1. So many lovely photographs. I am glad the lintel has found a permanent home and that garden gate conjures up so many thoughts as to where the path beyond leads to, and what secrets it holds. x

    1. Thanks Jak. I do like to look at my photos and all the lovely memories of days out come flooding back; so much handier that flicking through prints!