Monday, 25 July 2016

Hawthorn's April Photo Scavenger Hunt

Early April Hawthorn posted a photo challenge; read all about it here.  So I decided to give it a go.  After I had gathered lots of photos, I was dismayed to read she only wanted one photo per category.   The categories were as follows:

1.                    Orange
2.                    Feather
3.                    Something fresh
4.                    Horizon
5.                    Wet
6.                    Craft
7.                    Growing
8.                    Memories
9.                    Sticks
10.                 Any subject of YOUR choosing.
If you click here you can see what photos Hawthorn and the other participants shared with us; some great photos as a wide interpretation of the above list.

At that time I only had my private blog set up, so I sent the photos and text to Hawthorn who kindly loaded them onto my own page within here blog.  Since this page is no longer available I thought I would post it here, partly to serve as a reminder for me but who knows who might also be interested out there!

Here is  how I interpreted this list!


We drove past a field with lots of lambs sporting orange jackets but it was not possible to
stop.  So Beloved changed the route of out afternoon ride out to come back past this field.
He bumped his 4x4 onto a big grass verge (he likes to take any opportunity to go
off-roading....) and waited while I walked off to take photos.


I never got around to taking a photo of a good feather subject that Beloved mentioned; I will not say what it is just in case there is another photo scavenger opportunity that includes feather!

Here is Mr Pheasant aka Mr No Tail; he visits at least once a day and comes to the patio doors 
in the kitchen, waiting to be fed.  If I am slow he will tap on the glass....  I love his red
face markings and the tuffs of  'ear' feathers.  Once he had 5 female companions.


A snake's head fritillary - shouts spring is here, well it does to me.
I have found that bunnies like to eat them!  So when I bring the 
rest here, I think they will be planted in big pots and not the 
garden at the back of the house!


I feel that my photo is a bit boring at first glance but the memories of the day and what we could see mean a lot to me.

Occasionally we drive to the view point at Pinhaw and walk up to the Trig point.  
Incidentally it was just over 80 years ago that trig points were made as they were used
to map Great Britain; read all about it here.

In the distance you should be able to make out cooling towers of Ferrybridge,
about 30-40 miles away; just a pity it was slightly hazy.


Another place we like to go to is Coldstones Cut.  On a recent visit I had a photo opportunity!

A lot of wet stuff at the bottom of the workings!  Perfect.  Next time we return it will be 
interesting to see if it is still there.  Must also visit on a work day and not at the weekend.


Or a better description would be not craft!

In the now-empty chicken hut I noticed a bird had tried to

build a nest.  It has not made a very good job as there was loads
of nesting material on the floor!  I have given it E for Effort and
remembered to go back and check on its progress.  Sadly it is
much the same and I can only assume it has made a
better nest elsewhere.  Well I suppose it is entitled to
practise first before committing itself to the real job,
a bit like me when I contemplate making a new quilt.


This is a growing cairn near the Pinhaw Trig point.  Yes I have added another stone to it
and plan to add another one, the next time we visit there.  Luckily we had the place
to ourselves for most of the time and it was great.


Years ago we used to have a pair of geese.  In winter it was hard to keep their pond clear of ice so I'd put water out in this bucket.  The
gander must have hated it because he would chew the handle repeatedly.  I still
have this bucket and use it.  Ah, the good old days. 


I had in my mind another photo but the opportunity did not present itself; a weak excuse but it is the truth!

On our way up to the trig point on Pinhaw, I passed a patch of burnt heather; such a lot

of sticks!  Pity the sun was so strong as the colours in the picture are not life-like.
When we next go there, I will try to take a better photo.


This is the tenth and last category.  I was not going to have anything for this one until the evening we walked from Laneshawbridge to Wycoller.  Luckily it was almost dry underfoot everywhere.

This little tree (ash? rowan?) is trying its best to grow
out of the top of a sawn-off telegraph pole.
Now that is optimism for you!

Well there you are; I tried really hard to think out the box and I hope you enjoy my barmy selection!

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