Sunday, 12 February 2017

Hawthorn's Heartđź’“thon 12 February 2017

I suppose it must be about 20 years ago now when a work colleague showed me what she was making with help from her daughter.  It was a quilt from a book called Make a Quilt in a Weekend (or some similar title).  Yes I can see that it would be possible to do this provided you had the whole weekend to yourself and did not have to do any chores at all!

Anyway I was smitten and set off quilting.  I've been quilting (on and off) ever since.

Here is a small selection of quilting fabric featuring hearts.  I do have more fabric with hearts on it but selected just these to share with you.

I have a huge stash of fabric...... covering all colours and designs; just love collecting it.


  1. Aha, lovely. I also have the one in the top left hand corner. I wonder what other fabric I have with hearts? Never even thought to look at my fabrics. Take care.

    1. It was just a chance glance at the quilt on my bed when I spotted the red one with white hearts that made me look through my stash. I bet you will have loads of fabric with hearts on it.

  2. What a lovely stash of heart themed fabrics. Knowing you I bet you have even more as you have a wonderful stash waiting to be made into gorgeous quilts. x

  3. You are spoilt for choice! What a delicious selection :)