Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Hawthorn's Heartđź’“thon 14 February 2017

For my final post in Hawthorn's Heart-a-thon I found  two heart-shaped pebbles on the shoreline at Port Carlisle.  We were visiting my sister who now lives there with her partner.  The day we visited was 14 February!!  What a co-incidence.  I gave her the pebbles and she presented them to her partner, how sweet.

Just a little thank you to Hawthorn for allowing me to take part; it has been fun and it was good to re-live so many memories.

I hope my photos and stories have not been too boring for you all!  

Thanks for taking the time to look and leave comments.


  1. I love collecting stone hearts, when the boys were little they would collect for me too, only their choice was a 'little subjective' with the majority of the 'heart shaped' stones being often any shape except heart shaped. These days, they still collect for me, but their choices are far more selective and beautiful x

    1. Can one have too many heart shaped stones etc?

  2. The pebble hearts are great and with a wonderful story too. I've also enjoyed this journey with hearts and hope to do it again next year. Take care and hope to be able to see more of your craft.

  3. Thank you for posting such interesting subjects. Loved seeing them. Been fun but I plan to be better organised for next year. x