Friday, 24 September 2021

Photo Hunt 24 September 2021 - Ball

And it's Friday again!  No idea where the past few days have gone and I'm writing this 'just in time'!!

Initially I thought this would be a hard word for me as I do play any sports, have no children nor pets.  So on with my thinking cap and this is what I came up with.

Take on Christmas ball (ie bauble) and crochet a jacket for 
it, in 2 pieces.

Insert ball and sew halves together.


Hang on the tree and make
some more!

Nearby (quarter of a mile away?) is our local nature reserve, Ball Grove Park.  I often walk there.


Nearly fell over this heron.

Mist of the water thundering over the rocks.

Earlier this year ducklings!

Snuggling under mum.

Perhaps it's warm enough.

There are lots of other birds there apart from Mallard ducks.

I like to feed the ducks......  and goose!
I always have a ball when I walk there.

Used an old tennis ball to make the top of the metal stake
a bit easier on my hand as I use it to pull myself up
the slope (dodgy knee!).

A ball bearing.....

Box to prove it is a bearing!

A ball valve.....

Open position, the ball is moved so the fluid can
pass through the valve.

Closed position; the ball stops any fluid passing through.

The benefits (??!!) of being married to an engineer....

Right, that's all from me this week.  I did have other ideas for Ball but ran out of time to take the photos.  I walked past someone's garden then week and I could see a well chewed football there but I was polite and did not take a photo!

This is the last word for September from Astrid.  Click here to return to her page.  I wonder what delightful words she'll give us for October.


Friday, 17 September 2021

Photo Hunt 17 September 2021 - Fall

I had a momentary struggle with this word and then I had a few ideas.  In the end I had to stop gathering photos as there were so many possibilities for this word.  So here goes!

Nearly 3 years ago I was walking away from the shed and
suddenly found myself flat on my back looking at the 
sky.  The word HERE is where I slipped and had a fall; 
this photo was taken a few months ago for another reason.

Yes, this is me.  I am right handed too so I had to adapt quickly.
Sadly I could not manage to crochet or quilt but I made a do
as they say round here.  Plaster on for about 6 weeks.
Even now my wrist is not back to how it was but I 
can crochet and quilt and have fun!

Same area but I've just put down so paving flags that were
redundant so at least I don't have to walk in the mud any
more!  They are not bedded on cement, just laid on 
the surface.  One day we will decide what to do with
the area at the back of the house.....

It was 'feared' that our porch would fall down.

Our builder came and the cause of the problem was
identified; an iron drain cover inside the porch
rusting away had started to dislodge some of
the porch.  Thankfully the whole porch
did not have to come down!  All that
needed removing is shown above.

Later that same day, the rebuilding work started.

The following day it was all done.  A new drain cover
(PLASTIC) has been sourced and installed.

Shaggy Inkcap - a definite sign of autumn
(fall) in the UK.

More fall fungi.

Taken last year but I'll soon be raking leaves up and
adding them to the above leaf pile which is now only
about a tenth of the height.  Love the golden leaves.

Massive rose hips, Rosa rogusa I think.

A definite fall activity in our household, 
picking blackberries; we get a bit OCD about this!

Cooked blackberries being strained to provide juice which 
 I make into jelly for my Beloved.  A simple process but
there is a lot of work involved.

It is very precious so I can only gift a small jar.

Striking fall colour of the Virginea Creeper
which is no longer in the garden as it had to
make way for the new greenhouse!

Ants enjoying a fall feast on some of the pears
which are still on the tree!  One year I noticed
a female pheasant in the pear tree pecking
at the pears.

They are red ants with a nasty nip!

I've noticed the Rowan trees are full of berries.

Sadly I could not get the right photo to convey the
colour and quantity of berries.

Even the close-up lacks colour!

Finally a pumpkin I carved
any years ago!

Well thanks once more Astrid.  As usual, click here to return to her page to see who else has joined it.


Friday, 10 September 2021

Photo Hunt 10 September 2021 - Pizza

Well, thanks Astrid as this was an easy one for me.  We regularly make our own pizzas.

Take one ready-made base, cover it with tomato puree and add
slices of chorizo and smoked ham.  Beloved does most
of the work and I just prepare and clear up.

Ready for the oven.  I meant to take a few more pictures
before the final one but we were so busy that I forgot.
Spring onions (scallions?), pepper (bell pepper),
mushrooms and sliced tomatoes were added before
the final topping of grated mozzarella cheese.

The toppings are piled high!  About 5 cm at the highest point.

After about 25-30 minutes in the oven it is ready.
Yum, Yum.

We have had a shop bought pizza recently and we both agreed it was not a patch on ours.  It was mostly base with a hint of toppings!

Click here to return to Astrid's link-up page.  Can't wait to see your offerings on pizza!