Saturday, 1 January 2022

Photo Hunt 31 December 2021 - Celebrate

The end of another year but there is so much to celebrate.  Beloved and I do not celebrate birthdays, holidays, etc etc so I'm having to think outside the box for this one.

So what's to celebrate?

  • Being alive and reasonably well.
  • Having avoided Covid.
  • The wildlife that visits my garden and adjoining fields.
  • Having the ability to craft lots of wonderful things, eg, quilts (about 16 for Project Linus), crochet (blankets, hats, Christmas trees, etc) and any other craft that I dabble in, eg, cardmaking, free machine embroidery.
  • Happy to stay at home.
  • Happy not to have a holiday (last one was in about 1990).
  • Being able to shop online!
  • Looking forward to the daylight increasing daily.
  • Looking forward to new challenges in 2022, as I'm sure there will be some as our lives are never 'normal'.

Here are just a few photos that are classed as celebrations.

Going to Ribblehead on Christmas Day for a picnic in the car.

A card I made recently for a dear friend, who introduced me to quilting, papermaking
and so much more in my crafting activities.

I made a bigger version for myself and will practice my techniques.

Remember this?  Well I made one for me.

May I proudly present Claude....

There were some minor hitches during his construction
but I like a challenge and won!

He's about 24" (61 cm) tall.  

I'm pleased with him.

I'll continue to celebrate each day with a bit of chocolate!

Thanks Astrid to hosting the Photo Hunt.  It has been fun but sadly I've decided that I no longer have the time to join in.  I have enjoyed glimpses into other people's lives, so different to mine.   Click here to return to Astrid's link up page.

Bye and happy hunting!


  1. Lovely final post. I has been fun. I love, love, love Claude. He is gorgeous. What is the story about his friend, not seen him before. Your tweet card is so pretty; and as for chocolate.....we too are having a bit a day, rationing the Christmas gifts. All the best wishes for 2022 to you both. xx

    1. Thanks Jak. I have decided to make a yellow friend for Claude! Job for this afternoon is to find the yarn - I think I have it all in my stash.... Best wishes to you too. x

  2. I love your crafted cards. I too will be making this my last photo challenge but will definitely be continuing to follow your blog💜

    1. Thanks Carol. I only use this blog for the Photo Hunt I've been doing for several years and I will not be posting on it again. It has been fun but I just don't have the time. I shall miss seeing your lovely photos and what you get up to. From now on, it's all about keeping my life as simple and as easy as possible so that I have more time to do what I want to! Take care.

  3. Lovely last hunt post. Oh, Ribblehead for a picnic.........great. We had just the 2 of us at home this year & didn't even do our usual picnic at the cricket oval as we thought there maybe others there due to not being allowed to have large gatherings inside the home & the advise to picnic outside in parks. Love Claud!!! I've not joined in as much & did like Kate's monthly challenge, but Carol let me know of your intentions & maybe something less time consuming so we 4 can at least keep our friendships going. Just a thought. Take care & hugs.

    1. Glad Ribblehead and Claude pleased you I will make a friend for Claude. I'll keep an eye out for your blog but this one will not get anything new as I only used it for the Photo Hunt posts. I'll miss seeing life downunder but I'm struggling to keep up with everything at the moment! Take care.

  4. Thanks so much for joining in as you did and you found some wonderful things to celebrate. Your cards are so lovely and I love precious Claude! Wishing you all the best in doing what makes you happy, chocolate is a good one! Hugs to you.🥰

    1. Thanks to you Astrid, helping keeping my brain ticking over!