Friday, 9 April 2021

9 April 2021 Photo Hunt - Farm

 Hello everyone.  It's Friday once more.  Another week has slipped by....

My original idea for this week's photo did not happen so it was time to put my thinking hat on again and move to Plan B.

For months we've watched this huge, new farm building emerge from the ground.
There are now cows living inside.  I dread to think how much it cost to build.

Beloved thinks this is an old Zetor tractor.  It looks so sad
but possibly beyond restoration.

Red ants farming the pears on our pear tree.  The pheasants
pecked them first and then I noticed the ants!

Another definition of farm is to farm out, ie get someone to do a job for you.  One of my friends is part of the 400 Roses dancing troupe.  Click here to see them in action.  It is a fusion of tribal belly dance and Morris formations.  So back in October 2014 my 400 Roses friend presented me with a black waistcoat and asked could I embellish it, using my imagination and following their colours.  She gave me a few paper roses.

The front.

The back.  She was so happy with it.  I even used needle punch 
to make the 400 Roses motif on the back.

Was I allowed to rest?  No!

Gloves were needed next....  December 2014.

Back in 2018 I was asked if I could make her some gloves; it was my fault as I sent her, without thinking, the following photo.

I should have known better as I was asked to make 
her a similar pair.....

Here they are, not finished or sewn up.

Someone modeled them for me but they were not
properly sewn up.  Sadly I forgot to take a photo 
when they were finished.

In a recent email from her, she mentioned that she might have some 'jobs' for me once we are allowed to meet up.  No idea what these are!

Sorry if I've rambled on a bit!  Once again click here to return to Astrid's photo hunt page. I'm looking forward to seeing your interpretations of the word FARM.  Until next week,



  1. Love your pictures. That is some barn, I agree, must have cost a fortune. Your interpretation of 'to farm out' was a good idea too. So far there are 3 tractors, I wonder how many of us will have used similar pictures.!! xx

  2. The tractor has good tyres and the wheel rims look okay - it wouldn't be easy or cheap to source the parts but with some knowledge it could possibly be restored. Something my ex and I would have liked to get our teeth into at one time :) That barn is certainly some building!

    1. I suspect my photo is making that old tractor look better than it actually is! Wishful thinking and nostalgia on your part I think.

  3. Good photos for this and yes that shed would have cost an enormous amount. Love old farm machinery & as for those gloves.............well done you clever lady, they are exquisite.Take care & hugs.

    1. Thanks. I can't explain why we both like old farm machinery, as well as vintage cars and trucks etc but we do! x

  4. beautiful 'farmed' out crochet - but then you produce the most beautiful work 🤍🤍

    1. Ooh, thanks; not sure I can get through the door now! x

  5. I must admit I too find tractors very photogenic ... especially when rusting away and covered with long undergrowth 😃

    1. Years ago we came across an abandoned tractor on the shoreline near Oban. So sad to see.

  6. Wow - your crochet work is fabulous - be wary of what you suggest lol.
    We've been watching Grayson Perry's art show - he would have loved that tractor - the ideas of old things just crumbling - can be a beautiful feature of the landscape

    1. Thanks. I am slowly learning to keep my mouth shut and to send emails which will not create work for me!

  7. That is a huge barn! I wonder if they'll get any other animals? The tractor makes me think it could be in the Disney movie, Cars!
    I love your other version of farm, the vest turned out beautifully and those gloves are gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing!