Friday, 7 May 2021

7 May 2021 Photo Hunt - Space

Hello again.  We've had very unseasonal weather (hail, almost snow, high winds, rains, frosts) mixed in with a bit of the warm stuff.  I'm glad I've access to various 'spaces' to match my mood and activity!

About 20 minutes' walk away is our local Nature reserve.
I often walk there and enjoy the open space; 
there is always something interesting to see.

In the midst of my latest sewing project (see below)!  I could do 
with more space but I'm loathe to rip out the built in furniture
as it holds a lot of my craft supplies!

We own 3 fields nearby; 2 are adjacent on one another.
Here Beloved has mowed The Avenue joining them.
During early 2020's lockdown we visited every day
and were able to enjoy our own, private and safe space.

Welcome to my Greenhouse Cafe!  Some friends were walking
past the other weekend and we offered them a brew and a
chair inside our outdoor space.  With the doors shut it
was warm.

Next week my friend plans to visit the Greenhouse Cafe.
It will become an exhibition centre too as I can show her
the Project Linus quilts I've made during lockdown; handy
since we're not allowed in each other's houses yet.
Can you see the 3 bits of bunting, my latest project?  I need to
make about 50' for the greenhouse! 

Finally I espied a lamb in the adjacent field enjoying one
of my hardy geranium plants; I did not invite it into my 
garden space, cheeky critter!

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  1. I love all your outdoor spaces, especially the greenhouse. I'd love to come for a cuppa too & have an impromptu quilt show. Yes, what a cheeky lamb, but ever so cute. Take care, stay safe and huggles.

    1. I plan to take some photos of the Greenhouse Cafe and Quilt Exhibition. Not sure I can make them fit the words for the rest of the month! We have had lambs (last year?) who found a way into our garden. When I went out to see them, whilst they looked small and fluffy they were bigger and made a thundering noise as they ran back along the fence and into the field. I blocked the hole up! x

    2. Your sheep would have at least not been as large as a bull which escaped into our yard whilst renting a farm house, as we were awaiting the building of our own home back in 1980. It was also Xmas morning & Keith had to deal with it before present opening. Funny when we look back on it.

    3. Don't fancy a bull in our yard but we've had numerous goats over the years and then one morning a calf. Beloved tidied it up to the gate post while we had breakfast and made a few phone calls. In the meantime the calf decided that trying to climb onto the car's bonnet was a good idea.... sign.

  2. Your Greenhouse Cafe and Quilt Exhibition aka GCnQE is looking absolutely fabulous. You must be so pleased with it. Once our little greenhouse is cleared of overwintering plants I usually spring clean it then put a little bistro table and chair set in there for us to have a brew and shelter from the winds that blast through our garden. I'm sure you will have lots of brews out there together. My favourite picture is of the path mowed between the two fields. xx

    1. I was looking for a different field view, one from the top of the long field that also shows 2 of the Three Peaks when I came across this one. I will be interesting to see if we do have any brews in GCHQ, if there is room as it is filling up with now! x

  3. What a great selection of photos and how lovely it must have been for you to have access to such a lovely outside space during the last year 😃

    1. Thanks. Yes I can say I am really enjoying my new outside space. I think I'll be playing in there today!

  4. Oh, your photos are so lovely. What a beautiful retreat you have there! I love your Greenhouse Cafe, the perfect spot to visit with friends. I look forward to seeing your bunting finished and on display.
    Thanks for joining in!

    1. So glad you approve of the bunting; my husband is thinking of having a sandwich in there with a friend so it must be good! The bunting is finished and I will figure out how to get a photo into the Photo Hunt!