Friday, 30 July 2021

30 July 2021 Photo Hunt - Bike

Can't you tell it's Friday again?  I recall as a child I had a Tri-ang tricycle, similar to the following (if my memory is correct but it was a long time ago!):

The only other time I had a bicycle was at University but that was short-lived.  I have used a bike soon after we moved to Lancashire in last 1983 but only the once.  I've no desire to get a bike as the roads are not safe for cyclists.  

So what could I share with you?  Light bulb moment!  Back in 2014 the first stage of the Tour de France started in Yorkshire.  A tribute to this was the bike structure at The Coldstones Cut.

The tires are from a huge dumper truck and are about 5½
feet in diameter.

There are no pedals and I suspect it would be impossible
to ride it!

If you've not been to The Coldstones Cut, then I can recommend it.  There is a small car park (free) but no facilities at all.  From the car park it is about a 600 m climb up to the moment.  The views are amazing.  You can read more about it here.

Driving up to Ribblehead Viaduct this bike overtook 
us.  He seemed to have an interesting pillion
passenger, but I could not get a better photo.

Back in September 2015 Colne was chosen as the end point of Day 2 (Clitheroe to Colne, 162 km) of the Tour de Britain.  In the morning I walked through Colne taking in the sights of the race yet to come.  Then I went home to watch it on television.

Plenty of decorated bikes lined the route.

A bit of an emergency stop?

Love it.

Me pretending to hit the barrier, to encourage the
lead rider to win.

There is a very long uphill climb to the finish 
line (it's not all visible here).  It was a good 
race, all the more so as I could see 
familiar countryside along the route.

As I watched this race on the television, I witnessed the sole lead rider going up this hill to win the stage.  Every time since then I think of his determination when I drive up this road.  Sadly he crashed out on the following stage.

Thanks again to Astrid.  Click here to return to her link page and see who else has joined in.



  1. We have driven some of the coastal ‘tour do Yorkshire’ route when up there on holiday and admired all of the decorated bikes. All I can say is it was very hilly and not something I would have contemplated on a bike … fair play to those who were up for the challenge 🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♂️

    1. No I'm not for using a bike around here but I do prefer our hilly countryside to very flat areas. I'm full of admiration for the professional bikers.

  2. I love your giant bicycle, a very clever idea. I also think you were very wise to 'walk the course' of the ride through Colne and take pictures without the hoards who would be there later. I think sport on television is the best way to see it. You see all of it, not just as it wizzes past you. 🚲🛵🏍

    1. I recall it was a warm, sunny day too! I don't like crowds and as you say they whiz past and the moment is gone. But watching it on TV is the way to go. The giant bicycle is still there; glad they've not removed it. x

  3. When I was still working in Settle, the Tour de Yorkshire came through - great excitement etc etc, but it was a lot of fuss and noise for about 4 minutes of bicycles flying through and gone!

    1. I'm sure the 4 minutes of flying bikes have left an imprint on your memory and it would be good to experience it but seeing the whole race on TV is better. No crowds pushing etc etc!

  4. Great bike photos, from big to colourful! The Coldstones Cut looks like a very unique place to visit, thanks for sharing. It looks like Pikachu is going for ride on the bike that overtook you!